Love is immeasurable: as long as it is measurable, it is egocentric. But one learns how to Love also, step by step, becoming more and more open to infinity. Maybe it so happened that we have learned to love and devote ourselves to our Homeland...
  Often it seems that the world is so simplified, everything seems to be defined ... but suddenly you take a turn from the crossroad by a narrow path and inadvertently end up in the Wonderland, where since ancient times kind and evil spirits continue to live.
  Pilgrimages to holy places – unfortunately perhaps forgotten and unknown to us, the Armenians, - in different regions of Armenia are a part of our daily life. And the purpose of each pilgrimage is to pray for the spiritual development and awakening of Armenia, Armenians and all living beings.
"Armenia - the Land of Churches" project
  Armenia is an ancient country with a long history of ups and downs. The Republic of Armenia, being considered a 3rd world country, is known for its sad chapters: genocide of Armenians by Osman Empire in 1915, economic crisis, social injustice, and the high rate of emigration. But, on the other hand, Armenia is not only one of the oldest countries, rich in archaeological sites, but also the first in the world adopted Christianity as a state religion ... and even at the small rest of this great land hundreds of churches are scattered, making our homeland itself a shrine, a place of pilgrimage.
  The idea of the Project is quite simple: to provide signposts of Churches on highways of Armenia – thus promoting familiarization of Armenians and guests of Armenia with the spiritual heritage of our motherland. We ask Armenian Communities all over the world to join the project!


  Tukh Manouk, 7-th century, village Lusagyugh, Aparan
  Mkhevank, 4-th century, village Lusagyugh, Aparan
  Tejaruyk, 12 -th century, village Meghradzor, Hrazdan
  Voskepar, 7-th century, village Girants, Tavush
  Serveghar, 12-th century, city Berd, Tavush
  Moro-Tsoro, 5-th century, village Khashdarag, Ijevan, Tavush
  Aghavnavank, 12 th century, village Aghavnavank, Ijevan, Tavush
  Jukhtak & Matosavank, 12-th century, city Dilijan, Tavush
  Chapel in the castle, 10-th century, village Dashtadem, Shirak
  St. Christopher, 7-th century, village Dashtadem, Shirak
  St. Poghos-Petros, 5-th century, Aparan basin, Aparan
  Astvatsynkal, 5-th century, village Yerenchatap, Aparan
  Sanctuaries, village Apnagyugh, Aparan
  St. Sargis, 7-th century, village Ushi, Aragatsotn
  St. Astvatsatsin, 17-th century, village Vardenis, Aparan
  St. Stepanos, 4-th century, village Chqnagh, Aparan
  Church, village Dzoragyugh, Aparan
  "Tapi" Fortress by G.Marzpetuni, vil. Urtsadzor, Ararat
  Five churches of 5-8 centuries, Parpi, Aragatsotn
  Fortress, 13-th century, and three medieval Churches, meditative caves, Kosh, Aragatsotn
  Church, 5th century, Agarak, Aragatsotn
  Cave-church and meditative caves, 10th century, Saghmosavanq, Aragatsotn